Common commands and tips

Getting started

All of these commands require you to set the rcon password. Copy this command from the loan page and paste it into your console. It looks like rcon_password XxxXxx;

Map management

These servers have a custom map collection which can be viewed here. The default CSGO maps are available as well.

List all maps:
rcon maps *

Change to a map:
rcon changelevel map_name

Live'ing the server

In order to prevent the server from restarting in 20 minutes, it must go live. There are currently 2 methods for this, competitive mode and practice mode. Competitive mode uses the standard CEVO configs. The practice mode config can be seen here.

To start in competitive mode:
rcon exec cevo

To start in practice mode:
rcon exec practice


Bots are useful if you do not have enough players or just want to practice your aim. These are 12 slot servers so you can have up to 11 bots.

Add a bot to the server:
rcon bot_add

Change the number of bots you want to keep in the server (0-11):
rcon bot_quota <0-11>

Change bot difficulty, 0 being the easiest and 3 being the hardest:
rcon bot_difficulty <1/2/3>

Set the team the bot(s) will join:
rcon bot_join_team <T/CT/any>

Miscellaneous commands

A collection of useful commands that do not warrant their own section

Enable cheats:
rcon sv_cheats 1

Reset the round:
rcon mp_restartgame 1